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Erectile Dysfunction

Usually, the nature of the erectile problems is temporal. But, even this temporal dysfunction can result in the serious complications in the sexual activity of every man. Everything depends on the attitude toward this sexual disorder. Some men believe that it is the temporal phenomenon that disappears by itself. However, a lot of men are scared when they encounter this problem. The problems with the health can easily result in ED. Diabetes on the severe stage can result in this disease as well. The cardiac conditions often cause a lot of problems in the sexual life of men. But, the specialists in this sphere say that even the insufficient changes of male potency influences the self-esteem of a man greatly.

Even if you feel awkward and ashamed to talk about the sexual problems with a doctor, it is the necessary step toward the normal operation of the sexual function. Cialis tablets are thought to be the most purchased pills in the field of ED cure. Due to the PDE 5 inhibitor called Tadalafil, this drug releases nitric oxide and increases the blood circulation to the sexual organ. That is how an erection occurs in a natural way.

Such concepts as erectile dysfunction and impotence differ in the certain aspects. The first term refers to an inability to maintain an erection, while impotence has the broader sense. This concept involves all sexual diseases, which are inherent to men, and which influence the erectile abilities. Any sexual disease can have ED as a side effect. Moreover, some doctors think that this term can even be used in the case of women.

Treating ED symptoms with Cialis brand is very popular nowadays. The mild and severe forms of this sexual disorder can be successfully cured with this medicine. Some men believe that it is the most effective ED drug. And there is a reason for such assumption. For the record, Cialis has minimum contraindications and its active ingredient can stay in the blood for 36 hours. But, if you want to treat ED with this medicine, examine your health. Hypersensitivity to Tadalafil or the regular usage of nitrates does not allow to take Cialis tablets.

The risk factors that increase the possibility to become sexually inactive include smoking, taking alcohol, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and an operation in the pelvic area like in the case of the prostate surgery. Such aspect as sex drive is also affected with time by such factors as the frequent stresses, lack of sleep or so-called insomnia. It has been estimated that men at the age of fifty with the cardiovascular or circulatory disease increase the risk to become impotent if they have the cigarettes addiction.

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Such sexual disorder as erectile dysfunction occurs in men of the different age. Young men are not safe from this sexual condition. Almost the half of impotent men is in the age category from forty to seventy years old. Your physician should examine the disease history to understand the best treatment method in the particular situation. An erection occurs because the blood vessels increase and pass more blood to the sexual organ. And, at the same time, they decrease in size and release less blood from the penile areas. The physiological reason for erectile dysfunction occurs in 80 % of impotent men. That means that this disease is a side effect of other disorders in the most of cases. And the last 20 % of men suffer from this condition because of the psychological problems.

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